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Thank you for visiting the Precious Legacy Tours website. Situated in the World Famous Jewish Quarter in Prague, Czech Republic, we are dedicated to helping you make your stay in our unique historical city both wonderful and unforgettable.

Luba Poleva, PhD, chief Guide and Manager

Precious Legacy Tours is respectfully named after the international Jewish Exhibition, “The Precious Legacy Exhibit” ( This special exhibition of Czech Judaica, including art, religious objects, and personal items, travelled through Israel, The United States, Canada and Australia in 1983, allowing millions of people in these locations to see, and to learn from, this extraordinary exhibition. The Czech Republic boasts one of the largest and most significant collections of Judaica in the world.

Prague is beautiful all year round! This extensive collection of items, preserved by the Prague Jewish Museum after Nazi confiscation during World War II, now serves to document Jewish life in the Czech region, one of the oldest continuous Jewish communities in Europe. It is interesting that the Nazis actually condoned the preservation of these items. They considered them artifacts representing what Hitler hoped would be an extinct race.

These objects, then, also testify to the tragic and catastrophic dimension of European Jewish life, which culminated in the Holocaust.

The Precious Legacy Exhibit strives to enlighten all people in a spirit of international cooperation and understanding.