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Jewish Kolín

Join us on a special tour of Kolín, a beautifully preserved medieval town that has been declared a national landmark.
Prices include guiding and transportation, but exclude admissions fees and tips. It's usually necessary to pay admission fees in cash in local currency.

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7 000 CZK

Discover the beautifully preserved Kolìn on a special tour that is sure to draw you into the past with its many Jewish Sites. This medieval town, itself a national landmark, offers charming vistas and rich history. You can gaze on the site of Jewish life in age-old Bohemia by visiting one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Czech Republic, Kolìn’s three-hundred-year-old synagogue, and the ancient cemetery where Rabbi Low’s son and Mordechai Maisel’s nephew are buried. Take in the picturesque “Golden Lane” in the Jewish Quarter. You are also welcomed at the City Museum, with its impressive collection of Judaica and other esteemed exhibits.